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Mike Novogratz predicts the growth of cryptocurrency market up to $ 20 trillion in the future

He is sure that in 15 years the virtual currencies and the block system will completely change the Internet.

10.Jun.18 8:00 PM
By Mark Gainer


Mike Novogratz predicts the growth of cryptocurrency market up to $ 20 trillion in the future
The investor and the founder of Galaxy Digital Capital Management, Mike Novogratz, believes that the total capitalization of the global market will increase over time to $ 20 trillion, but institutional investors must enter the market to do so.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the billionaire expressed confidence that the Cryptocurrency market will recover from the last correction and will start growing already in the middle of this year, and 15 years later, together with the blockbuster, will completely change the Internet.

Novogratz described a possible scenario for the arrival of traditional investors on virtual currency market: an investment fund will set an example, and the rest will follow it one by one, fearing to lose its profit. Meanwhile, the businessman believes, institutional investors only indicated retail investors and single traders provided interest in the virtual currency market, its rapid rise at the end of last year.

Recall that last year, Novogratz announced plans to launch a crypto-currency hedge fund with a capital of $ 500 million, but later abandoned them and decided to create his crypto-currency bank. The billionaire managed to attract $ 250 million for this, but due to problems with regulators, he had to postpone the launch of the bank until July.

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