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Microsoft Windows turns 25

Windows 95 was the successor to Windows 3.11 and represented a major step forward for Microsoft

25.Aug.20 8:26 AM
By Abigail Richards
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Microsoft Windows turns 25
Microsoft released Windows 95 exactly 25 years ago. The operating system was presented with a dance by leading figures such as Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Microsoft also made a promotional video with Jennifer Aniston.

Windows 95 was the successor to Windows 3.11 and represented a major step forward for Microsoft. The operating system combined DOS with Windows and the graphical interface was completely renewed. Microsoft introduced the toolbar and Start menu in Windows 95, elements that are still in use. The plug-and-play technique was also introduced; hardware was first recognized automatically when installing the operating system.

In order to run Windows 95, at least an Intel 386DX-cpu, 4MB ram and 55MB HDD space were required. This minimum configuration also required virtual memory; 8MB ram was therefore recommended. Windows 95 came out on a CD, but also appeared on floppy's. the basic version covered 13 3.5 " floppy's.

Microsoft released Windows 95 to the man with a commercial incorporating the song "Start Me Up" From The Rolling Stones. During the event that celebrated the appearance of the new operating system on August 24, 1995, leading figures such as Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer danced to that music on stage.

With Windows 95, Internet Explorer 1.0 was introduced. However, the browser was not a standard part of the operating system, but was part of the Plus package with additional software that Microsoft offered for payment at the time.

Windows 95 was replaced by Windows 98 three years later, but was updated until December 31, 2001. If you want to return to past times, you can start a virtual version of the operating system, including the distinctive sounds, in the browser at

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