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Microsoft announced a blockchain application for Azure

Azure Blockchain Workbench will have a full set of tools for programmers who work with distributed registry technology.

08.May.18 6:32 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


Microsoft announced a blockchain application for Azure

The news portal reports about the announcement by the technological giant of Microsoft of its new project, which will provide programmers-developers with a complete set of tools for working with the distributed registry. The announced application was called Azure Blockchain Workbench.

Workbench offers to scaffold for an end-to-end blocking application and is installed very quickly on media; this happens, according to developers, in just two clicks. With the help of this, Microsoft is trying to optimize the method by which users can create their applications based on the blocker running on the Azure site. According to Azure management, this will allow saving time on application development significantly.

It is reported that many business partners of Microsoft are already using a new software development, among the companies that use the Workbench in their work - the food industry giant Nestle and the Israeli banking organization Hapoalim. Currently, Microsoft continues to cooperate with Hyperledger, the United Nations and the R3 Block-Consortium - organizations, are jointly exploring the use of distributed registry technology in various industries.

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