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Metabase Blockchain Protocol Analysis

The same could be used for building, monetizing and scaling businesses that are high tech and belong to the next generation.

02.Sep.18 9:51 PM
By Shawn Highstraw


Metabase Blockchain Protocol Analysis

Are you on the lookout for a high quality, high performance and scalable blockchain protocol? If yes, you perhaps would come across many such technologies. It could make your job of choosing the right one quite difficult and challenging. However, if you do some research you may have reasons to believe that Metabase blockchain protocol could be the right answer. Many experts believe that it could be quite useful when it comes to developing applications that are decentralized. It could be the right technology for all those who are keen on taking their business to the next generation and next level. Hence it would not be a bad idea to have a closer look at this new blockchain protocol which would be hitting the markets soon.

The company has ambitious plans for coming out with total and comprehensive blockchain platforms. This, they believe would be useful in various applications which depend on digital infrastructure. It also could one of the first which could use blockchain technology for the purpose of running various distributed applications. The company is still in its pre-ICO stage and it has ambitious plans to raise close to $41 million U.S Dollar with the objective of developing and furthering this technology. Intrepid Ventures is the company behind Metabase. This is a Hong Kong based venture specializing in blockchains. It is supported by a strong team. The team at the helm of affairs has been into blockchain startups since 2013. Hence, the team presumably carries quite a bit of experience and expertise with them.

What Value Proposition It Offers

The main objective of this company is to give birth to a blockchain platform. The same could be used for building, monetizing and scaling businesses that are high tech and belong to the next generation. The good thing about this platform is that it goes a long way in offering innovative consensus protocol. Further it also offers the potential to scale even public blockchain protocols. Further they also may have the expertise in offering the best of crypto equilibriums. Their core team could also come out with design which focuses on usability and this in turn could make it suitable for a broad and different range of uses. While other blockchain technology developers focus more on speed and scalability, Metabase apart from focusing on this also takes into account the ease of use and design features.

Scalability has been a problem as far as most blockchain technologies are concerned. These first generation technologies have hit roadblocks in terms of adoption limits. This is mainly because of limitations in this area. This has led to increased transaction fees and clogging of mem-pools. These problems are being addressed adequately by Metabase. They are building a usable and highly robust platform where scalability is not a problem.

Security Aspects

The developers of this blockchain technology are also sparing no efforts to make this a secure and trustworthy blockchain platform. This would help the end users to make use of the security libraries and come out with reliable applications. Their main objective and goal is to ensure that application layer security is of the best standards. Towards this objective, we have reasons to believe that this blockchain technology will be a ground-up solution rather than being a top-down solution. It will ensure a sound and secure platform for different types of application layer programs.


The use of virtual machine 2.0 supported by OpCode Space would certainly be a big takeaway according to many experts. This will in all probabilities be able to come out with a very rich programming ecosystem. This will enable programmers to use both high and low level languages as far as end users are concerned. This along with top class identity systems will form the core of the blockchain making it one of the easiest for the users.

Focus On Governance

The objective and goal of metabase would be to have a governance mechanism which is complete, total and comprehensive. It will be a part of the entire protocol and this will create a highly efficient commonwealth of networks. This will make sure that the network will be able to grow with future technological, social and business needs and requirements. It will be of great help and assistance to budding developers and also could be of great assistance to industry and entrepreneurs. This will help them create distributed applications and over a period of time scale those to heights that could considered as path breaking. It certainly could help businesses to move to higher levels of success.

Whom Will This Solution Serve

There are a few more reasons as to why Metabase could be considered one of the best blockchain solutions. They have ambitious plans to involve a large section of the market as far as usage of this technology is concerned. It included entrepreneurs who are into launching of concepts and could be in a position to deliver new services and products. They can do it much faster than ever before and this technology will totally support them. It will also be highly beneficial for small businesses. This is because they will be able to eliminate the technology related obstacles and difficulties which are often a bane with various other blockchain platforms. They will be able to easily integrate and adopt it to suit small business and take it to the next level.

It also is perfectly suited for governments and they could put this blockchain technology into use for private/public and industrial collaboration. This is because Metabase and the team behind it have always endeavored to encourage private and public cooperation and collaboration. It also could be very useful for industrial enterprises belonging to the government sector. It might go a long way in helping smart and tech savvy nations with the best of digital infrastructure which encourages innovation and thinking out of the box. Hence, at the end of the day there is no doubt that this upcoming ICO is being watched with keen interest because Metabase may not be just another blockchain technology. It could be a trendsetter in terms of usability, security, scalability and other such important attributes. Therefore it is something that will offer the best value for money for all stakeholders and those who are smart enough to invest in this ICO would stand to gain more from it. For further details please have a look at:

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