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Mesherskoye Lake will be improved in 2015

The territory around the lake is in very bad condition.

14.Oct.14 6:41 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Mesherskoye Lake will be improved in 2015
The government is planning to start improvement works of Mesherskoye Lake next year in Nizhny Novgorod. Oleg Kondrashev said that the territory around the lake is in very bad condition at the moment. That is why it needs thorough cleaning. As soon as this stage is over, landscaping of the green zone will also start. The information is provided with the reference to

The Head of the City Administration also noted that improvement works will be divided into three main stages. The f first stage is dedicated to improvement of beaches. Bike paths will be arranged along the bank of the lake. Illumination of the alley will also be installed on the bank which is opposite a boulevard.

The second stage supposes full-scaled works connected with bank reinforcement and strengthening. This also includes restoration of drainage system which connects the lake with the Volga River and used to be a water filter.

The last stage will include construction of several sports objects. Experts and specialists are already working out the future construction plan. At the same time several complexes for professional sportsmen will also be built in addition to several sports objects.

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