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Men More Often Look Into the Mirror than Women

Selfies are to blame!

24.May.15 10:52 AM
By Abigail Richards


Men More Often Look Into the Mirror than Women
It is commonly known that women can spend hours in front of the mirror. But it appears that men are keeping up with them. English scientists have proved that some men look more often into the mirror in comparison with women. Such fact was revealed dafter a survey whit several thousands of British to take part in.

The research has shown that men look into the mirror approximately 23 times a day. This rate is much higher in comparison with women. Moreover women look into the mirror in order to check how they look and correct some features of their appearance. On the other hand men are admiring themselves in the majority of cases which brings them a lot of pleasure and joy.

The survey showed that men spend about 10 minutes a day while looking at themselves in the mirror. It takes them 6 days in a year! In addition some self-confident respondents may have a look at themselves 30 times a day.

Scientists say that such increasing number of men admiring themselves has been going higher over the last few years when selfies have also become extremely popular. Moreover it was proved that men make selfies more often than women. And there is yet no explanation why.

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