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Memorial Twerk Dance: 5 Women were Arrested

Scandal connected with memorial broke out in Novorossiysk.

27.Apr.15 1:39 PM
By Lubov Kovaleva


Memorial Twerk Dance: 5 Women were Arrested
5women have been arrested in Novorossiysk for twerk dancing near local memorial. They were sentenced to different terms of imprisonment. Some of their parents have also been punished.

The incident took place several days ago when 5 girls aged from 15 to 19 arranged a twerk dancing performance next to Little Earth memorial. Performance was shot on camera and downloaded to social network by the eldest woman from the group. Her name is Margarita Radetskaya. Such actions caused rapid discontent from citizens of Krasnodar region. Video was deleted from the Internet. Local police department started looking into this case and qualified such actions as hooliganism. Girls were arrested on term from 10to 15 days of imprisonment. Radetskay who published video in the Internet got maximum term for such violation. Two of 5 dancers who are under 6 will also have to pay fine. Their parents will also be brought to administrative responsibility. They will be punished for inappropriate upbringing and lack of spiritual and moral education.

This incident grabbed attention of local prosecutors. They will initiate several examinations of educational establishments where girls are studying as well as work with their parents.

Twerk dance is becoming rather popular nowadays and is used in various music videos by Russian and foreign celebs. The main feature of twerking is the fact that all movements are based on shaking buttocks, abdomens and thighs. It was founded by women of African tribes.

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