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Members of the Public chamber offer fingerprint travelling to Russia for foreigners

They believe that there is an urgent need.

15.Apr.16 9:38 AM
By Abigail Richards


Members of the Public chamber offer fingerprint travelling to Russia for foreigners
Members of the Public chamber said recently about the need to fingerprint travelling to Russia for foreigners. According to them, there is an urgent need, it will be an additional measure to protect Russians from terrorist threats and fair response to the United States of America and EU countries that have already adopted this procedure for Russian citizens.

It is known that the member of Public chamber Elena sutormina turned to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltseva to initiate the introduction of mandatory fingerprinting at the entrance to Russia citizens of the USA and the European Union.

In his address sutormina noted that it is quite appropriate and even necessary measure, because the Americans have introduced the fingerprinting procedure in obtaining visas, and last year entered the European Union. It was said that the introduction of this procedure may adversely affect the flow of foreign tourists, and Russia is even interested in this, because this will significantly decrease the risk to Russian citizens.

It should be noted that interior Ministry officials have not commented on this appeal, it is possible that they never even considered. All will be known somewhat later after the consideration of the question.

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