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Members of the G20 may discuss the issue of regulating crypto-currency

It is essential for states to understand how to regulate new markets.

20.Dec.17 4:08 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


 Members of the G20 may discuss the issue of regulating crypto-currency

The head of the French Ministry of Finance believes that the G20 states should study each other's experience in regulating crypto-currencies. While this market is quite new, but rapidly developing. The use of crypto-currencies is fraught with considerable risks, but it is very attractive for private investors. According to Minister Bruno Le Maire, countries should discuss the issue of bitcoin regulation at the summit next year.

The head of the French department intends to apply with the corresponding proposal to the chairman of the G20 - Argentina reports He believes that by joint efforts of the state they will be able to find the right way to solve all topical issues related to crypto-currencies.

It is worth noting that the topic of digital money already figured at the G20 events. In particular, representatives of countries have previously discussed this issue during the meetings of the Financial Stability Board. It is likely that the states will not mind returning to this topic again, especially in connection with the constant growth of the bitcoin rate. True, it is not yet known in which format the new discussion will take place.

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