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Medvedev Promised to Pay Salaries and Pensions on Time

Pensions will be indexed in Russia.

22.Apr.15 10:58 AM
By Lubov Kovaleva


Medvedev Promised to Pay Salaries and Pensions on Time
The Head of Russian Government Dmitry Medvedev promised that all governmental social obligations will be followed on time. They include stable payments of salaries and pensions. This will be done in spite of economic difficulties in Russian Federation.

Yesterday the Head of the Government made an annual report related to social and economic situation in the country in 2014. He noted that all actions and measures taken by the government at the moment have single goal which is to mitigate the effect of economic difficulties and establish social stability for the population. There should not be any doubts about the fact that all salaries and pensions will be paid on time in spite of all current difficulties.

Medvedev also stated that pensions will be indexed.

During his report the Head of the Government paid attention to the fact that pessimistic forecasts regarding high level of unemployment were not justified. Its level is 5.8% at the moment. This rate is a bit higher in comparison with the same period previous year. For example, the level of unemployment in 2009 was 9.2% during severe crisis. This is all due measures which are taken by regional authorities and government related to vast education of employees to avoid reduction. Special labor programs for young specialists and disabled people have also been implemented

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