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Medical Error Cost $300,000 in Russia

This is the biggest compensation ever registered.

27.May.15 2:23 PM
By Abigail Richards


Medical Error Cost $300,000 in Russia
Biggest compensation ever has been paid off for the medical error. St. Petersburg State University [aid $300,000 as compensation to Irina Razina who suffered from inaccurate actions of doctors. This is the biggest compensation ever paid in Russia for medical error.

According to available information doctors did enormous harm to health of the patient. It resulted in the fact they have chosen inappropriate medical tactics during parturition. It caused inevitable consequences and damages in childís brain as well. Patientís child died within two years after birth.

Irina Razina decided not to leave the error without punishment and sued to the court. Her claim was met in June 2014. The court ordered St. Petersburg State University to pay compensation in favor of patient in the amount of $300,000. It should also be noted that official medical state institutions in St, Petersburg and region confirmed that inaccurate actions of medical staff led to the tragedy and doctors were guilty of childís death.

Analytics state that this occasion is unique due to the fact that courts rarely meet such claims and usually take the side of medical institutions.

The biggest compensation for doctorsí error in the world has been paid in France. Medical staff mixed up children of two families more than 20 years ago in Cannes. Families received $2 million compensation after that incident.

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