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Media: shops in Japan will begin to accept bitcoins

The course will be determined for each specific sales.

05.Apr.17 2:39 AM
By Abigail Richards
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Media: shops in Japan will begin to accept bitcoins
Media: shops in Japan will begin to accept bitcoins
Today, April 5, in the domestic and Western mass-media there were messages that the network stores in Japan will begin to accept bitcoins.

It is known that the cooperation agreement with the Japanese bitcoin exchange bitFlyer has signed one of Japan's largest chain stores of electronic goods Big Camera. According to media reports, on Friday 7 April when making purchases, customers will be able to pay in Japan virtual currency.

As for the course, according to representatives of the Big Camera, the amount of bitcoins will be calculated at the time of actual for each of the specific sales. It is noted that the payment should not exceed a certain threshold, about nine hundred dollars, if in dollar terms.

It is noted that to date, the bitcoin exchange rate is about 129 thousand yen per 1 bitcoin. Network representatives say that if there is a significant strong demand for a new service, it is possible that this system will be introduced in other stores.

Recall that the cryptocurrency from 1 April received in Japan, the status of the payment instrument in accordance with the decision taken earlier by Parliament of the law on currency regulation.

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