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"MaxMarket": the history of the success of the Russian start-up in the field of e-commerce

At the moment there are more than 250 000 products of different categories on the resource - and this is just the beginning.

08.May.17 5:40 AM
By Dmitrii K.


"MaxMarket": the history of the success of the Russian start-up in the field of e-commerce
The company "MaxMarket" was founded in the autumn of 2016 by a group of like-minded people who have a lot of experience in the field of electronic commerce and the development of start-ups: the founders of the project: Maxim Ilyin, Igor Litvinenko, Mosyazh Elena, Ilyin Igor and Denis Kirsanov. The main task of their cooperation was the creation of a worthy trading platform, which would be beneficial not only for buyers but also for sellers.

The main advantage of the work of this team of founders lies not only in their desire to develop a quality and useful project but also because they know from the inside about all the nuances of building a trading platform and have many years of experience. "Thanks to personal experience, careful analysis of both mistakes and positive results of competitors, we have a clear strategy for the development of the company, achievable goals and the ability to take a firm position in the Internet commerce market," notes the CEO, the ideological inspirer and the leader of the company "MaxMarket" Ilyin Maxim Igorevich.

It should be noted that, despite the fact that the company was established only eight months ago, the site has already accommodated more than 250,000 products in various categories - from children's accessories to large household appliances. Due to the fact that the company cooperates with a multitude of differently directed online stores, the site operates on the principle "All in one tab", allowing users to feel comfortable on the vastness of the resource.

According to the creators of the company, the current trend is that buyers are interested in different categories of goods: they can simultaneously search for a mobile phone, children's toys, and the same bath mixer. And, if earlier serious complications could arise with this, today everything is quite simple, "MaxMarket" allows users to compare offers from different online stores and not only to choose, but also to buy exactly what they need in one tab of the browser.

According to Maxim Ilyin, one of the founders of "MaxMarket", their service compared to online giants provides the best prices for a number of categories of goods (for example, the line of cell phones of a number of manufacturers).

And this is not all the advantages of " MaxMarket", in fact, they are many times larger. Separately, it is necessary to highlight the availability of a ready database of clients and partners, more than 700,000 items in the catalog (each with its unique photo and description), the continuous introduction of innovations and improvements, a rational approach to budget development. It is also noteworthy that the company works 24 hours a day, providing its customers with a 24-hour delivery service.

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