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Max Keiser: Bitcoin heading to $28,000 during this rally

Will BTC hit ATH during this rally?

29.Jul.20 9:37 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Max Keiser: Bitcoin heading to $28,000 during this rally
After a long period of low volatility, bitcoin's (BTC) price has finally broken out of reach below $10,000 and last night even rose by $11,400.

Max Keiser, known bitcoin-optimist convinced that the current rally will even lead bitcoin's price to $28,000. That would be a new all-time high for the mother of all cryptocurrencies. As soon as the BTC price reaches the $28,000, however, it will drop slightly again, says Keiser. Then bitcoin will rise to at least $ 100,000.

Keiser also lashes out at known gold supporter and bitcoin critic Peter Schiff. Schiff says the last few times bitcoin exceeded $ 10,000 went down again. Keiser is convinced Schiff is completely wrong. He reports that his bitcoin portfolio has performed many times better than his gold and silver portfolios.

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