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Mariinsky Theatre will go on Tour to the USA

Schedrin’s “The Enchanted Wanderer” opera is the first to be shown to American spectators.

16.Jan.15 6:22 AM
By Svetlana Siuhina


Mariinsky Theatre will go on Tour to the USA
Mariinsky Theatre is going on tour to the United States together with its opera, ballet and orchestra troupe. The tour has started on the 14th of January in accordance with information provided by the theatre media office.

Schedrin’s “The Enchanted Wanderer” opera was the opening play that gave a boost to the whole tour. The play was shown in Brooklyn Musical Academy.

Ballet group will start their performance in New-York ion the 15th of January. They will show legendary Swan Lake. At the same time ballet troupe is planning to show “Cinderella” play.

“As soon as we are finished here in New-York we will move to Washington and perform in Kennedy-Center. There we are going to show our special program. All parts of this program have been chosen by our hosts. They include such ballet play as “The Rite of Spring”, “Spectre de la Rose"and “The Dying Swan”, - said executive head of the ballet group.

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