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Maria Glikina was found Dead with Traces of Violence

Psychics helped to find the girl and indicated her location.

12.Nov.14 6:00 AM
By Alexey Kuritsyn


Maria Glikina was found Dead with Traces of Violence
19-yeard old Maria Glikina was found dead in Nizhny Novgorod. The information is available on her page in VKontakte social network. It was posted on the 10th of November.

According to preliminary information Maria was hit by a car. Then her body was carried to the nearest basement that is located in the house #42 on Studenaya street. She was found by volunteers from “Lisa Alert” search and rescue team.

Psychics also helped to find the girl. They indicated the region of search. The corpse was found stiffened with traces of violence.

Relatives and family ask to inform them any detail that is related to this incident and will make it possible to find the murderer.

The funerals will take place on the 12th of November.

It should be noted that Maria mysteriously disappeared late in the evening on the 8th of November while heading to her friend’s home on Temeryazevskaya street.

New update

In accordance with new information provided by with the reference to local police department, the girl was strangled. This is obvious as those traces of violence could not be caused by car accident. Forensics has been initiated by the investigation committee in order to answer all questions.
Criminal proceedings have been initiated.

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