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Manufacturers of video cards are faced with a fall in demand

Mining equipment is losing its popularity.

22.Jun.18 2:09 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Manufacturers of video cards are faced with a fall in demand
The boom in demand for graphics cards, which were required for mining, seems to have remained in the past. Their manufacturers state a decline in sales. In order not to lose revenue, the companies decided to focus on the games industry.

According to experts, the decrease in sales of mining equipment is directly related to the exchange rate. Most of the major digital assets today are losing value, which is why interest in them is gradually dying out. Do not forget about the decisions taken by the authorities. Regulators thought that the mining farms needed too much electricity, which creates certain problems. In this regard, officials set rather harsh conditions for those engaged in the extraction of virtual currencies.

According to the analytical data, before the unprecedented surge in interest in video cards, the gross profit of producers kept at the level of 8-10%. With the beginning of the "fever" of mining, this indicator increased to 40-50%.

Currently, experts in the crypto industry are forced to talk about the fall of the market due to tightening of state regulation. If circumstances do not change dramatically, graphics card manufacturers will have to look for new opportunities to market their products, because for game purposes it may be too much.

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