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Manufactured in Russia Datsun Will be Exported to Belorussia and Kazakhstan

On-DO and Mi-DO modifications will be available for consumers.

22.Jul.15 2:24 PM
By Natalia Klyachina


Manufactured in Russia Datsun Will be Exported to Belorussia and Kazakhstan
Representatives of Datsun brand has officially announced that both On-DO and Mi-DO models will be exported to Belorussia and Kazakhstan. The modifications are manufactured on Russian factories, which belong to AvtoVaz.

Datsun is a separate division of Nissan. The brand was launched to produce affordable cars for Iranian, Indian, South African and Russian automotive markets. At the same time, recent researches have shown that only 100,000 units are sold in Kazakhstan. The level of sales in Belorussia is even lower. That is why new models will be exported to those countries in the nearest future. Belorussian consumers can purchase new Datsun this autumn or winter. The approximate data of export to Belorussia is still unknown.

Automaker keeps examining automotive markets of some other countries. They can also be potentially attractive for the company. For example, Ukraine is also among those countries, which may receive new Datsun models in the nearest future. However, it is possible only when the economic situation in the country becomes stable.

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