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Man Group is planning to start trading Bitcoin

Man Group, a British hedge fund, will participate in Bitcoin trading, if CME Groupís plans to open an adjustable futures exchange are approved.

16.Nov.17 5:06 AM
By Daria Zaytseva


Man Group is planning to start trading Bitcoin

According to Business Insider, Man Group is "one of the largest hedge funds in the world" and the fund's website notes that they manage funds in the amount of $103.5 billion.

Even a small part of $103.5 billion can have a big impact on markets, but more importantly, the Man Group announcement continues to strengthen the digital currency as the value of Wall Street's attention. Bitcoin, in particular, is increasingly recognized in traditional markets.

Likewise, futures markets and hedge fund participation create more opportunities for transition to the main financial system and more ways to attract large but cautious investors.

Hedge funds are open only to accredited investors, that is, those whose equity exceeds $1 million. However, such funds have a much greater authority to trade any types of assets or instruments that would be beneficial to their customers. On the other hand, mutual funds are open to regular retail investors, but they have great limitations on how they can invest their funds.

A Bitcoin ETF would allow ordinary investors to easily access Bitcoin by adding it to their brokerage or retirement accounts. Greater acceptance by Wall Street and greater liquidity in regulated futures markets, such as CME, will almost certainly join the ETF.

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