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Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds: own an investment, a passion, a history!

Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds -- everything you need to know is already there

16.Dec.21 9:41 PM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds


Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds: own an investment, a passion, a history!
Diamonds have risen sharply in price. One of the largest retail operators, Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds has reported the most significant increase in demand for the last 10 years.

According to Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds, at the first trading session of this year, rough stones added five percent in value at once. The agency explains this step by a stronger than expected growth in demand as people rush into safe havens. Diamonds, especially significant ones, are forever, as the foresay rightly states.

At the beginning of the pandemic, production volumes fell due to the temporary closure of mines in southern Africa. As a result, there was a shortage in key markets in China and the USA. When did diamonds become girls' best friends? These shiny stones came to Europe from India, a wonderland. They were called by the Arabic word "almaz". They were harder than anything in the world. And most beautiful of all, many consider. That's why each of them was worth a fortune. Only kings could afford diamond jewelry.

Scepters and crowns were decorated with sparkling stones. The price of this product has been growing all the time. At least because by the XVIII century Indian reserves of precious stones were exhausted. And no large diamonds were found in newly discovered Brazilian deposits. A new deposit of precious stones was discovered in 1866 in southern Africa. The first diamond was found in the valley of the Orange River, and another one was found a year later. And three years later, a stream of fortune seekers rushed to these lands. The "diamond rush" has begun. The main deposit was discovered on a farm that belonged to two brothers-Boers by the name of De Beer, Diderik Arnoldus and Johannes Nicholas. The brothers did not engage in diamond mining. Sensible peasants, they realized that they could not protect the untold wealth that had fallen on them. Having decided not to participate in this gambling and dangerous game, the de Beers took their share in money: 6,300 pounds - for this amount they sold a plot bought ten years before at a price of 50 pounds, and left South Africa. Leaving, however, his name to the largest diamond mining company.

Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds is one of the retail experts and market operators. They offer wide variety of gemstones and diamonds as well as their expertise to the investment public as well as collectors. Their website,, is a true gemstone of knowledge by itself and is definitely worth visiting. Although keep in mind that it is not financial advice.

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