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Macron is going to ban foreign imams

There are too many imams who preach against France and are related to Salafism

19.Feb.20 12:54 PM
By Shawn Highstraw


Macron is going to ban foreign imams
The French president Macron battles with what he calls "Islamic separatism." According to him, radical Muslims and foreign powers are getting too much influence in French urban areas.

The president no longer wants to house imams sent to France from countries such as Algeria or Turkey. "There are too many imams who preach against France and are related to Salafism or the Muslim Brotherhood," said Macron.

More imams will be trained in France themselves. And the Islamic community must grant a certificate to imams who behave "according to French laws".

Education is also being tackled. The current foreign language lessons are all being abolished. New teachers of foreign languages ​​will soon have to speak French and will all be checked for their approach and teaching materials.

There will also be a neighborhood-oriented approach against radicalization. The past two years have already been experimented with in fifteen so-called "risk neighborhoods" where extremist Muslims are proclaiming their message. "During that time we closed 152 cafés, 15 places of worship, 12 centers for culture or sports and 4 schools."

Macron called that a success and said the approach is being introduced across the country. For this, extra agents will be sent to neighborhoods.

The President's announcements are a turning point in his policy. Since his election in 2017, Macron has focused almost exclusively on economic and socio-economic issues. From this year on, security and migration will be central. But Macron also wants to guard against stigmatizing Muslims, he said. "It is not easy to feel like a French citizen if the government has not always treated you with love."

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