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M-7 Highway will be processed by new effective reagents

These reagents enable the process of ice melting.

12.Dec.14 1:07 PM
By Abigail Richards


M-7 Highway will be processed by new effective reagents
M-7 highway connects Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow. It tuned out that 159 km distance of this highway needs processing in order to increase the level of traffic safety. That is why new and more efficient reagents will be used.
In accordance with information provided by the official media office of Traffic Department innovative reagents will be used to fight with sleet and ice on the road. Such means will be used along with traditional sand-and-salt mixtures.

These reagents are produced on basics of moistened chlorides. It takes little time for them to get into reactions with ice and melt it at short notice. At the same time they will not be dispelled by wind and are very efficient at low temperatures.

Experts say that moistened chlorides introduce innovative method of fighting with sleet. However this is only a pilot project which will show the efficiency of new method. That is why new reagents will be used only in several spots of the highway with intensive traffic. If the project is successful, such method will be implemented on all Russian roads in the nearest future.

New reagents are produced with the help of modern equipment and road techniques.

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