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Low Ruble Exchange Rate has Negative influence of Life of 48% of Russian

This fact has been revealed with the help of Central Bank survey.

16.Jan.15 6:19 AM
By Abigail Richards


Low Ruble Exchange Rate has Negative influence of Life of 48% of Russian
Low ruble exchange rate has a negative effect on life of 48% of Russians. Such information has been reveled after a survey which was made by representatives of Central Bank. More than 2 000 people from 43 different regions took part in this research.

In accordance with information provided by experts of Central Bank Russian citizens mostly spoke about the price increase in retailors chains and shops. At the same time they are worried because of their savings depreciation. That is why they are forced to cut down their costs.

Survey has shown that 57% of Russians are sure, if ruble will continue losing its positions, it will have a negative effect on their level of life. 48% of people think that this period is the worst for crediting in all spheres. On the other hand 52% were not afraid to take credits. 62% of participants consider ruble to be reliable and strong currency. At the same time they prefer to keep their savings at home rather than making deposits.

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