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Lithuanian politicians urge to purchase liquefied gas from the US

The Baltic states are sure that the contract can significantly reduce the prices for shale fuel.

10.Jul.17 11:31 PM
By Catherine Brooke


Lithuanian politicians urge to purchase liquefied gas from the US
The other day it became known that the political establishment of Lithuania is in favor of buying liquefied gas from the United States. This idea was expressed by the Speaker of the Lithuanian Seimas Viktor's Pranzketis. The politician is sure that the signed agreement will give Lithuania a significant advantage - the prices for blue fuel will be significantly reduced.

He noted that the document on free trade between the States and Lithuania was signed at the end of June. At the same time, prices for liquefied gas in the US, if not to take into account taxes, are three times lower than in Lithuania. Pranzketis is sure that if Lithuania succeeds in delivering liquefied gas from the US and if the country enters into a transatlantic trade agreement, taxes will be reduced. This means that the price of such gas for the Baltic States will be much lower than it is now.

It should be noted that the politician of speech did not start the price of delivering gas from the US.

It should be pointed out that Lithuania has already concluded an agreement with the US on the delivery of liquefied US gas to the country. At the same time, the first 140 thousand cubic meters have already been paid for. However, what kind of gas is it, is it exactly from America, the Lithuanian side is not yet known.

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