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Lithuania will launch the world's first ICO platform

ICO will be held legally.

22.Jun.18 12:38 AM
By Jeff Bannister


Lithuania will launch the world's first ICO platform
Lithuania will create the world's first legal platform for ICO. The country seeks to attract as many foreign investors as possible and develop the
blockchain industry. According to Bitnovosti, the new platform will be called DESICO. It will become a platform for carrying out crowds and flagging campaigns of crypto-currency start-ups, which will operate within the legal framework.

One of the main differences of the DESICO platform is the availability of a brokerage license of the European Union E-Money, which will enable users of the platform to convert phatic money into cryptocurrencies. The launch of the platform is planned for the end of 2019. Fundraising will take place with the assistance of Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.

According to Lithuanian Finance Minister Vilyus Shapok, the country plans to develop a transparent and controlled market in the Baltic countries. Lithuania became the first country in the European Union, which has already developed rules for the regulation of the cryptocurrency market. Thus, the country seeks companies that enter the ICO to open their offices directly in Lithuania. The first directives regarding the rules were issued by the financial regulator in March. In addition, the Central Bank of Lithuania plans to issue the first collector's cryptonym.

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