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Litecoin securities have fallen to a minimum

Sixth by volume of capitalization of the cryptocurrency is experiencing a crisis.

13.Jun.18 10:50 PM
By Jason Brideslow


Litecoin securities have fallen to a minimum
The Bitfinex data show that the value of the cryptocurrency has now fallen to the US $ 97.04, the lowest level since December 8, 2017, reflecting a 74% drop since its record level of US $ 379 on December 19. Besides, the price of LTC also accounts for more than 60% of depreciation since the beginning of this year.

The drop in LTC prices over the past few months has also been accompanied by a notable remark by its creator, Charlie Lee, who wrote in a message to Reddit on December 20 that he had sold all his stocks in the cryptocurrency.

At the moment, the price of LTC has returned to USD 99.50 - by 6.3% less than in the last 24 hours.

In fact, other significant crypto-currencies also "flash red." For example, Bitcoin fell below $ 6,500 on Tuesday and reached its 70-day low and is now reported to decline by 3.8% on a 24-hour basis.

EOS also decreased by 10.33% during the day, which made it one of the main losers among the top 10 crypto-currencies concerning market capitalization. Others, including Ethereum, XRP and Bitcoin Cash, report at least a 5-8% decrease on a 24-hour basis.

Meanwhile, the total market capitalization of all crypto-currencies fell below $ 300 billion for the first time since April 12. However, at the moment, experts still consider the currency as the fastest growing as a means of payment.

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