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Litecoin is leading the recovery of crypto market

The recovery of the crypto market is increasing every day, and litecoin is leading.

15.Feb.18 5:54 AM
By Daria Zaytseva


Litecoin is leading the recovery of crypto market

The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is $ 466 billion - the highest level since February 2, and 68 percent - from $ 276 billion observed on February 6.

A sharp recovery may be due to chart factors (oversold conditions) and the cautious optimistic response of the US Senate to calls for stricter rules. The recovery also indicates that the markets have digested a negative flow of news from China and South Korea, and given that bitcoin is now looking at a break above $ 10,000, the broad-based recovery could only intensify the pull.

Against the backdrop, names like litecoin, Ripple and NEO, have put on a good show from February 6.

Litecoin (LTC), in particular, has grown by 54 percent per week. The cryptocurrency has increased by 112.27 percent compared to the February 6 low of $ 106.94 and is leading in top 10 cryptocurrencies due to market capitalization.

The lure of making quick money on an upcoming hard fork seems to have increased the demand for LTC, although the legitimacy of the project is under question. Despite the impressive performance, LTC reports a 2 percent decrease for the year.

Meanwhile, Rippleís XRP token has strengthened by 90 percent compared to the February 6 low of 0.58836 and now ranks second on the list of the biggest winners among the top 10. XRP has recently traded with a mark of $ 1.12 - still declining by 51 percent compared to December 31 from $ 2.3.

Meanwhile, "China's ethereum," NEO, has risen in price by 86.50 percent from February 6 to $64.88 and is an indicator of 59 percent year-to-date gains - the highest in the top 10.

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