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LinkedIn Co-Founder Invites $ 20 Million for ICO Project

The money is attracted to the project of "human trust."

05.Jun.18 9:32 PM
By Jason Brideslow


LinkedIn Co-Founder Invites $ 20 Million for ICO Project
Form D, promulgated on June 1, shows that LinkedIn's first Chief Technical Officer Eric Lee and one of its founders are raising funds for Hub Token, which is tied to a future platform called ICOHub. ICOHub was launched in April to create a site for more authoritative token sales, given the prevalence of ICO fraud in today's ecosystem.

At the time of application, the sale of Hub Token SAFT was $ 13,588,722 out of a total of $ 20 million. According to the data included in the form, 20 investors participated in the sale.

According to the "white work" of the project, the token is intended to serve as an incentive for confidence building between the network members. Lee said in April that the platform as a whole is aimed at creating a more reliable source of data on the token projects and the teams behind them.

"A company's renewal can be obtained from individuals, as well as from past business operations that it had, such as finances, partnerships, and customers, which would increase their trust rating. ICOHub will rely on the "human trust network" from several sources to determine its estimates, "he said in the publication.

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