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This is Peter Brandt's Bitcoin bull explained: checking the boxes

Has the Bitcoin started the next bull run? The nice thing about Peter Brandt is that he relies on st...

Lifestyle news

Brazilian president is clear of COVID-19, the doctors say
25.Jul.20 6:43 PM | 92

Jair Bolsonaro recovered from COVID-19, pushes country to embrace the end of lockdown

Hundreds arrested at Hong Kong reunification rally
01.Jul.20 7:52 PM | 194

Hong Kong police say they have made more than 300 arrests during protests against the controversial new Chinese security laws

German cities burst in protests: people can't get quarantine any more
09.May.20 6:35 PM | 398

Fundamental rights are suppressed, protesters consider

Rakishev, Kulibayev and Boranbaev brought 1200 tonnes of aid to Kazakhstani in need
08.May.20 10:04 PM | 291

Charities led by major businessmen deliver aid packages to flooded regions of Kazakhstan

Saby fund turns 18: what have Aselle Tasmagambetova and Kenes Rakishev achieved
23.Apr.20 4:33 PM | 492

Saby charity fund turns 18: achievements and future plans of Aselle Tasmagambetova and Kenes Rakishev

Rashit Mahat joined Aselle Tasmagambetova, Kenes Rakishev and Vyacheslav Kim to grant solid prizes to young Kazakhtsani entrepreneurs
08.Mar.20 10:58 PM | 1033

It is the seventh "Build Your Business" contest held by Saby. Through the history Saby has granted $1,280,000 to 49 young entrepreneurs.

Scouting organization applies for bankruptcy after thousands of abuse cases
19.Feb.20 12:47 PM | 403

America's largest scouting organization has filed for bankruptcy.

Nintendo plans to sell more Switch consoles
30.Jan.20 9:32 AM | 395

Nintendo expects to sell more of its Switch game computers than it used to be.

Telegram groups used by gangs to identify Dutch police undercover
29.Dec.19 8:27 AM | 640

Telegram is used by gangs to identify police agents and share their personal data.

Buy a new phone to visit China
26.Dec.19 1:46 PM | 747

German security service, advises tourists and business travelers to buy a new telephone for their trip to China.

Large cyber hack at UM: 'Criminal attack not excluded'
24.Dec.19 3:40 PM | 776

Various websites and the mail system no longer work.

Twitter is looking for blockchain solutions
14.Dec.19 10:08 PM | 394

Twitter wants to move its platform to the blockchain. But it is not like Libra.

Bitcoin dealer prevents scam for the elderly customer
23.May.19 2:46 PM | 820

Thanks to a bitcoin dealer's vigilance, internet scammers could not exchange all their stolen money for bitcoins.

Skype on Android and iOS to finally get 'share screen' function
15.Apr.19 7:47 AM | 808

Skype via the mobile phone will soon be able to share the entire content of their screen during video calls.

Entire episonde of The Tonight Show will be filmed with Samsung smartphone
23.Mar.19 8:03 PM | 1025

The smartphone plays the leading role in making a complete episode.

Apple also renews iMac line of products
20.Mar.19 8:42 PM | 1549

Apple has renewed its desktop computers after its iPads. The iMacs received new processors and graphic cards, among other things.

Tinder is evaluated at $10 billion
07.Mar.19 9:52 PM | 784

Less than two years ago, the value of Tinder was estimated at around 3 billion dollars.

How Dmitry Shuval tries to destroy SGC, a promising blockchain project
04.Mar.19 12:01 PM | 1622

Dmitry Shuval chose a cryptocurrency project Sudan Gold Coin as his next victim.

Enthusiasts install Android on Nintendo Switch
26.Feb.19 9:10 PM | 754

Programmers Billy Laws and Max Keller have succeeded in installing a working version of the Android Q operating system on a Nintendo Switch game console.

Pokemon Go lets players change team soon
23.Feb.19 8:18 PM | 596

The team exchange function will be available from 26 February

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