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How will the blocking of Yandex, and affect IT business in Ukraine?

The biggest worry wave users are voicing against the blocking of popular social networks and Yandex....

Lifestyle news

Contour plastic with gels
07.Aug.17 3:03 PM | 52

Safe and effective procedure.

How to Travel to the World’s Most Inaccessible Places
20.Jul.17 8:46 AM | 119

Though the world has become increasingly more connected, there are still some places that are very difficult for the everyday traveler to visit.

The new Psychogram application is intended to unite professional psychologists
20.Jul.17 12:55 AM | 103

It is designed in such a way that registered visitors will not see each other

The birth of Event. The event of Pavel Markin
19.Jul.17 12:53 AM | 119

Famous event producer Pavel Markin loudly marked the 30th anniversary in the center of Moscow.

E3 : Electronic entertainment
15.Jun.17 2:54 PM | 168

The annual electronic entertainment Expo (Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 abbreviated) starts in Los Angeles.

How to decorate the desktop of your computer?
09.Jun.17 4:33 PM | 162

Where can I find quality widescreen wallpapers for my PC?

Tours to Georgia: what is the reason for their popularity today?
09.Jun.17 7:44 AM | 355

This country attracts with its culture, landscapes, delicious food and not only.

The ElenaMorar Company is a major manufacturer of wedding dresses
05.Jun.17 1:58 PM | 213

That’s why customers can buy wedding dresses wholesale from the manufacturer with an excellent quality.

Fashion house Ulat & Moolat spoke about the emergence and evolution of women's fashion in the Middle East
02.Jun.17 10:11 AM | 165

Fashion house of exclusive author's clothing Ulat & Moolat held a presentation of the summer "Persian" collection, during which he spoke about the emergence and evolution of women's fashion in the Middle East.

The Digital Platform Foundation introduced the Digital Economy Concept for Russia
27.May.17 6:52 PM | 208

The independent expert group helped the Government of Russia to find a way to bring the country out of the crisis. A step-by-step instruction is available on the Internet..

Nokia and Apple have settled a dispute about patent rights
23.May.17 4:45 PM | 173

Nokia and the American Apple Corporation (“Apple”) has settled a dispute over patent infringement and have signed a cooperation agreement.

In the business center Neo Geo Nikolskaya Gallery opened an exhibition of contemporary art by Moscow artists "Moscow and views"
22.May.17 10:13 AM | 148

The start of the exhibition was timed to the inauguration of the design business center Neo Geo.

How to choose a wrist watch as a gift to a man
21.May.17 10:14 AM | 174

What you need to pay attention to.

This summer in Moscow for the first time will be a cultural and educational program for children "Empire of Arts"
20.May.17 10:36 AM | 181

The "Empire of Arts" project has been successfully operating in St. Petersburg and Moscow for 3 years and unites 12 major cultural institutions - museums, theaters, concert halls, palaces.

90% of millennial mothers plan their purchases before going to the store
18.May.17 8:24 AM | 149

A new generation of mothers makes the purchases via their smartphones

"Vkontakte", "Odnoklassniki", "" and "Yandex" are banned in Ukraine
16.May.17 10:49 AM | 800

President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko enacted the decision of National Security Council and defense of Ukraine (NSDC) on the use of sanctions against social networks “Vkontakte” and “Odnoklassniki ”.

Lawyer of the European Court considers Uber a transportation company
13.May.17 3:50 PM | 155

The European court sided with the Barcelona taxi drivers who are unhappy with the competition from online service car transportation Uber.

The packages of the future
11.May.17 5:07 AM | 160

The pollution of the planet with plastic waste is one of the greatest environmental threats. If you leave it unchanged,  it will be more plastic than fish in our seas by 2050. The culprit – common packages.The average european use is 200 plastic packages per year. And only 7% of them are recycled.

Portugal: Wine corks from the bark are back
09.May.17 4:48 PM | 181

Portugal is the largest producer of corks in the world, and the tree — the cork oak — it is considered a national symbol.

France: Emmanuel Macron – the winner
07.May.17 4:04 PM | 183

Preliminary results of the presidential elections in France: Emmanuel Macron – 65,9%, Marine Le Pen is 34.1%.

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