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Kenes Rakishev Fincraft Group's ratings get an upgrade

S&P acknowledges regional political stability and discipline, assigns higher ratings to Kenes Rakish...

Lifestyle news

The Irish Data Protection Commission is worried about Facebook glasses
18.Sep.21 8:30 AM | 50

But DPC has no resources to investigate the issue properly

Solidarity march planed for El Salvador
06.Sep.21 11:49 AM | 100

Crowds will buy a little bit of bitcoin - it may result in pump

Reddit moderators call for anti-vaccine movement ban
26.Aug.21 12:34 PM | 159

The Iron Nanny corpo-state will keep us safe

Uganda helps US to evacuate people from Afghanistan
25.Aug.21 5:02 PM | 136

We are truly living in the age of wonders

No more application on DACA program, federal judge decides
18.Jul.21 8:11 AM | 272

The decision does not change anything for 650K 'dreamers' already there

Dogecoin price prediction: clowns drive the waves, bitcoin dictates the direction
27.Jun.21 7:25 PM | 335

Elon Musk isn't pushing Doge just for fun: he is a major holder of the coin

Facebook will implement its own vision of satire
18.Jun.21 7:51 AM | 339

Satire is what Facebook will decide satire is - period

Aselle Tasmagambetova opened Emergency Paediatric Surgery ward in Aktau
11.Jun.21 3:58 PM | 272

The president of Saby charity foundation underlines the importance of the modern medical aid

EU is about to unleash totalitarian comfort to its citizens
01.Jun.21 12:14 PM | 461

The dictatorship comes in all sizes, shapes and fashionable colours

The coronavirus prevention app proved to be useless to prevent COVID
29.May.21 9:32 AM | 168

But it's a perfect surveillance tool after all!

Bvlgari charity event attracted millions to lifesaving initiative by Aselle Tasmagambetova and Kenes Rakishev
26.May.21 12:06 PM | 181

Aselle Tasmagambetova will spend the funds to finance emergency paediatric surgery

Elon Musk brawl with subscribers led to another bitcoin fall
17.May.21 8:00 AM | 146

To be fair Elon Musk is not the reason for the correction

Senator Andrew Brenner had a Zoom meeting while driving
08.May.21 10:34 AM | 178

Zoom brought cats and senators to a daily life

Kenes Rakishev met with youg boxers, the winners of Kielce international competition
04.May.21 6:07 PM | 246

Kenes Rakishev congratulated the medalists

Clubhouse has depleted the iOS user base, looks at Android herd
04.May.21 9:03 AM | 166

The number of app's downloads falls from 2.7 million to 0.9

Kenes Rakishev appointed as a member of Astana Opera Board of Trustees
27.Apr.21 12:28 PM | 278

Kenes Rakishev joins the cast of selected businessmen to support the art in Kazakhstan

NFTs: A short term craze or new reality?
29.Mar.21 12:58 PM | 365

NFTs are the last gig in the art business, but is it sustainable model of it?

Two modern boxing halls opened by Kenes Rakishev in Nur-Sultan
26.Mar.21 3:25 PM | 278

Kenes Rakishev commitment to the Federation will draw attention of young talents to the sport and keep Kazakhstan on the right way of human development

McAfee indicted in fraud for.. twitter messages promoting crypto
06.Mar.21 8:24 AM | 564

John McAfee, an IT pioneer, is accused in fraud, tax evasion and money laundering

Canada acknowledges 'Uyghur genocide'
23.Feb.21 11:40 AM | 358

Canada joined he ranks of Uighur genocide believers

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