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A small victory for financial regulators: what will happen to the crypto industry next?

The international program on combating cryptocurrency fraud started only a few days ago but has alre...

Lifestyle news

Āto Gallery sold the picture for bitcoins
19.Jun.18 1:15 AM | 22

Moreover, this is the record for the amount paid in digital currency for a work of art.

Fans of cycling will be easier to obtain crypto currency
18.Jun.18 12:22 PM | 30

Bicycles will be used for mining.

Hollywood is working on a film about the cryptocurrency
16.Jun.18 2:24 AM | 19

This will be a thriller starring Kurt Russell.

In Afghanistan, women are taught programming on the blockchain
13.Jun.18 1:23 AM | 35

Women master the blockchain.

Traditions of the Chinese feast
10.Jun.18 3:15 PM | 17

What you need to know is that everything goes at the right level.

Legendary football player Luis Figo will advertise ICO Stryking
04.Jun.18 2:15 AM | 37

Real, the Portuguese himself in the "crypt" never invested.

In Scotland, developed a program of treatment from bitcoin dependence
29.May.18 12:37 AM | 27

Doctors believe that getting used to cryptocurrency is akin to drug addiction and alcoholism.

The leader of the world market of diamond jewelry has joined the De Beers blockchain project
28.May.18 12:30 AM | 29

Buyers of jewelry will be able to know the origin of diamonds, from which they are made.

New malicious mining program for Apple devices detected
25.May.18 11:42 AM | 26

Dishonest market players again use the fact that decentralized mining is much cheaper than installing a farm and paying bills for electricity.

How to diversify family relations
23.May.18 12:44 PM | 18

Some useful tips.

Steve Wozniak: the next IT revolution is connected with the blockchain
18.May.18 1:35 PM | 37

The American inventor, co-founder of Apple c is optimistic about the blockade and the future of the Cryptocurrency.

How to connect all pdf files to one
16.May.18 3:01 PM | 21

What tools you need to use for this.

American rapper aspires to the Blockchain industry
11.May.18 8:50 AM | 61

Mims co-founded the project called RecordGram.

BMW will track the distance of cars using blockchain technology
09.May.18 12:52 AM | 32

Global automotive giant BMW launches a pilot test of the blockchain-platform for tracking the distance of rented cars.

Telegram demands to cancel the order of the FSB to provide keys to user correspondence
08.May.18 8:58 AM | 38

Representatives of the company sent a complaint to the Appeals Board of the Supreme Court.

Game Stars brings together cybersportsmen
07.May.18 2:10 PM | 28

The gaming platform will hold a token for the implementation of a large-scale project.

Richard Branson warned the public about scammers who act on his behalf
07.May.18 4:36 AM | 39

This concerns advertising of various kinds of fraudulent projects, binary options and multiple schemes for cryptocurrency trading.

New Project Management Capabilities
04.May.18 9:54 AM | 27

How to make the company's work more efficient?

Funds for the life simulator of the miner will be collected on Kickstarter
04.May.18 5:02 AM | 32

Developers want to interest players who are not indifferent to the topic of crypto currency.

In Scotland, it is forbidden to drink cheap whiskey
01.May.18 1:42 PM | 42

The authorities are counting on this way to reduce the death rate from alcohol.

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