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Yuri Morozov, founder of Bubbletone Blockchain for Telecom: "With the help of the blockchain, we can change the entire global ecosystem of telecommunications"

An interview with Bubbletone Blockchain for Telecom founder, Yuri Morozov, whose company aims to rev...

Lifestyle news

Advantages of online music
28.Mar.18 5:46 AM | 17

Today, many choose this option.

French champagne became the most sold in the world in 2017
19.Mar.18 6:44 AM | 41

The volume of sales of a sparkling drink from France last year reached record values.

Meghan Markle secretly took the Anglican faith
09.Mar.18 5:59 AM | 28

The bride of Prince Harry changed faith, becoming an Anglican.

Number of tourists in Portugal reached a record high in 2017
19.Feb.18 4:41 PM | 50

The number of foreign tourists visiting Portugal last year increased by almost 12 percent to a record 12.7 million people.

Sword of the Star Wars can be your
19.Feb.18 12:24 AM | 34

The creators announced the beginning of sales of the legendary device.

"Black Panther" hopes for cultural shift
15.Feb.18 8:32 AM | 52

Some film critics are calling it the best Marvel movie.

Two Russian studios produced a 360 fulldome video projection for International Camel Festival in Saudi Arabia
19.Jan.18 2:37 AM | 58

From January 1 to February 1, 2018 in the desert, 120 kilometres from the capital of Saudi Arabia, the city of Riyadh, King Abdulaziz Camel Festival takes place, which includes more than 20 events: competitions, contests, cultural events and educational initiatives. One of the most notable activities of the festival is the 360 dome projection, created by Russian studios Sila Sveta and Dobro.

French start-up starts production of hydrogen-powered bicycles
19.Jan.18 1:40 AM | 49

A French start-up is the first company to start the factory production of hydrogen-powered bicycles for use in the corporate or municipal fleets.

Saudi Arabia begins showing films after ban lifted
16.Jan.18 2:03 AM | 50

Saudi Arabia began showing full-length animated children's films this weekend in an improvised theater after the conservative Islamic kingdom abolished a 35-year ban on cinemas.

Israeli archaeologists find a seal impression of 'governor of Jerusalem'
09.Jan.18 2:13 AM | 54

Israeli archaeologists unveiled on Monday a 2,700-year-old clay seal impression which they said belonged to the biblical governor of Jerusalem.

How to prepare your car for racing
21.Sep.17 10:09 AM | 147

What you need to pay attention to.

Where to find help to clean the apartment
11.Sep.17 3:54 PM | 153

Trash in our homes takes up a lot of space.

Unknown Malevich painting for sale
11.Sep.17 6:11 AM | 281

At the conclusion of the Moscow scientific research center of Tretyakov Gallery, the picture is genuine.

Perfect wedding dress
08.Sep.17 7:12 AM | 182

Perfect wedding dress is drawn by a young lady in her imagination.

Contour plastic with gels
07.Aug.17 3:03 PM | 208

Safe and effective procedure.

How to Travel to the World’s Most Inaccessible Places
20.Jul.17 8:46 AM | 282

Though the world has become increasingly more connected, there are still some places that are very difficult for the everyday traveler to visit.

The new Psychogram application is intended to unite professional psychologists
20.Jul.17 12:55 AM | 254

It is designed in such a way that registered visitors will not see each other

The birth of Event. The event of Pavel Markin
19.Jul.17 12:53 AM | 261

Famous event producer Pavel Markin loudly marked the 30th anniversary in the center of Moscow.

E3 : Electronic entertainment
15.Jun.17 2:54 PM | 307

The annual electronic entertainment Expo (Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 abbreviated) starts in Los Angeles.

How to decorate the desktop of your computer?
09.Jun.17 4:33 PM | 278

Where can I find quality widescreen wallpapers for my PC?

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