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Libyan militia attacked a country’s oil terminal

Petroleum Facilities Guard forces managed to repel the attack.

08.Aug.16 5:10 PM
By Alesya Davydova


Libyan militia attacked a country’s oil terminal

Libyan mass media reported an attack at the the Zueitina oil terminal near Benghazi by the Operation Dignity – the local militia. Journalists note that the attack was luckily repelled by another militia operating in the country - Petroleum Facilities Guard forces (PFG).

Experts suppose that the reason of the incident may be either an attack on oil facilities or an attempt to secure their reopening as agreed by the other chief of the PFG, Ibrahim Jahdran, and the Presidential Council. Before the agreement the country suffered years of PFG-led blockades of Libyan four key oil export terminal, which total capacity is 860,000 barrels per day (bpd).

Last week the NOC stated that Libya’s oil output is rising by 600,000 bpd, but the latest incident proves that the numbers are still far from reality and the country is more likely to remain in the stressed position with no chance to increase its crude export and production. The market has immediately reacted on the news from Libya – crude prices are falling down again.

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