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Legal Whiskey and Hooch Will Appear in Russia

Production of new alcoholic drinks will be launched in the nearest future.

20.Jul.15 8:25 PM
By Anna Repina


Legal Whiskey and Hooch Will Appear in Russia
Russian producers are officially allowed selling grain distillates including whiskey and hooch according to the latest amendments existing law that came into force from the beginning of July. Moreover, the government will allow producing those drinks on the territory of Russian Federation. Earlier they mostly attracted foreign partners with higher production capacity.

Despite the fact whiskey and hooch are widely spread in Russia and extremely popular with consumers, there are no single standards to regulate their production. That is why actually foreign producers imported the entire amount of these drinks legally available in Russia. Some companies discusses possibility of using current production capacity with their foreign partners in order to keep their profits.

At the moment producers of alcoholic drinks are discussing questions connected with arranging of production process on the territory of Russia. Approximate costs and terms of production are yet unknown.

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