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Lawyer of the European Court considers Uber a transportation company

The European court sided with the Barcelona taxi drivers who are unhappy with the competition from online service car transportation Uber.

13.May.17 12:50 PM
By Christina Orlina


Lawyer of the European Court considers Uber a transportation company
The claim of the taxi drivers from Spain, the lawyer the European court made reference concluded that Uber is a company that provides transportation services, not a digital platform that helps private drivers and passengers to find each other. The offer is not binding, but final judgment on the status of Uber, the European court will announce in a few months. The company may be required to obtain the appropriate licenses. Uber, in turn, claim that in this case, first of all, will be undermined efforts to reform outdated laws, which millions of Europeans can't use the popular service.

The company Uber, an online service transport, allowing users through the app on a mobile phone to use the services of a driver of a private car. The company with headquarters in San Francisco (California) was founded in 2009. Now Uber operates in more than 500 cities around the world.

On Thursday, Uber started working in Yangon.

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