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Kryukov and Petuhov won Silver Medals in World Cup Team Sprint

Finn Haagen and Peter Hortug from Norway won the race.

25.Feb.15 12:15 PM
By Irina Klyachina


Kryukov and Petuhov won Silver Medals in World Cup Team Sprint
3rd competition day of Skiing World Cup ended up with men’s team sprint competition.

Norway sportsmen were the best in this part of program. Finn Haagen and Peter Hortug managed to win gold medals. Russian skiers Kryukov and Petuhov took the second place in this race winning silver medals. They lost 5.64 seconds to leaders. Skiers from Italy took the 3rd position in this race. Ditmar Noklera and Federico Pellegrino lost 5.73.

Nikita Kryukov shared his feelings after the race during interview and said that he was really happy to win silver medal. At the same time he paid attention to the fact that pair from Norway was extremely strong that day. That is why it is not surprising they took the first place. “The main goal was to win silver medal during the last leg. This is why I tried to do my best in order to accomplish this mission”.

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