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Konstantin Khabensky will hold ICO

The actor wants to raise funds for the development of the film industry.

07.Jun.18 7:18 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Konstantin Khabensky will hold ICO
Many experts consider ICO to be the most effective way of attracting funds for the implementation of a particular project. The same opinion is shared by companies that promote their start-ups. Recently, they are increasingly joining media personalities. For example, director Fyodor Bondarchuk, who recently announced the launch of the block-platform. His colleague in the shop Konstantin Khabensky also announced the development of a technology based on this technology.

As it became known, we are talking about the block-platform Cinematix, which allows to raise funds for the development of the film industry. Together with the actor, Nikolai Evdokimov, co-owner of ICOBox, and Ilya Zibarev, ex-chairman of the Russian Standard Bank, participate in the project.

Konstantin Khabensky recalled that at present the money for filming films in the Russian Federation is allocated by the "Film Fund", and funds are also being received from private investors. The service launched by him will help the industry support millions of Russians and citizens of other states.

Users of the resource will purchase Cinematix tokens (CINX), supporting them with their favorite film project. If the film does not turn out to be successful, investors will return their investments.

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