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Klitschko has called the possible venue for "Eurovision-2017" in Kiev

The mayor promised that the capital will adequately meet the musical contest next year.

16.May.16 8:17 AM
By Alesya Davydova


Klitschko has called the possible venue for "Eurovision-2017" in Kiev
The head of the Kyiv Vitali Klitschko told the platform for the next year can pass the international musical competition "Eurovision-2017", to accept that after the victory of Jamala will Ukraine. On Sunday, may 15, according to with reference to the administration of Kiev.

The mayor congratulated with the victory of the Ukrainian singer and promised that Kiev adequately prepare for the competition next year. "I'm incredibly proud of Ukraine and grateful to Jamal for this victory", quotes the words Klitschko in an official statement. One of the probable sites of the international competition the mayor called the sports complex "Olympic".

Klitschko also noted that the city is already beginning preparatory work. If Kiev will be chosen to host Eurovision, the city authorities plan to focus on ensuring an adequate level of security and infrastructure, and will address issues accommodation of contestants and guests of "Eurovision".

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