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King of Saudi Arabia will not participate in the "big twenty" because of Qatar

Qatar does not agree to the demands of the countries of the Persian Gulf.

04.Jul.17 3:10 AM
By Catherine Brooke


King of Saudi Arabia will not participate in the "big twenty" because of Qatar
On Monday, July 3, it became known that King of Saudi Arabia Salman ibn Abdul-Aziz Al Saud refused to participate in the annual summit of the "Big Twenty". As an argument, the country pointed to the conflict that erupted due to the isolation of Qatar by several Arab countries.

 As a result, instead of the king for the summit, which will be held in Hamburg on July 7 and 8, the head of the Ministry of Finance of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Al-Yadaan, will arrive.

 Recall that Saudi Arabia, AEO, Bahrain, and Egypt in early June, ceased diplomatic relations with Qatar. Also, the countries closed any communication with this country, stopped trade and sent diplomats. Moreover, the states demanded the return of short-term deposits placed in Qatar banks, taking into account that the country began to have an acute need for currency.
All because of accusations of supporting terrorism in Qatar, also the Persian Gulf countries accused Doha of interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign states.

 Recently, countries sent an ultimatum to Qatar, which consists of 13 points. After the Doha had ignored the demands, calling them inappropriate and unacceptable, the warning was extended for another two days. A little later it became known that Qatar gave an answer to the countries that were in the document - it is still unknown.

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