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Kiev - a good city for investment

Many investors choose exactly the Ukrainian capital.

17.Dec.16 12:47 AM
By Abigail Richards


Kiev - a good city for investment
Kiev - a good city for investment. Today, many investors choose exactly the Ukrainian capital for profitable investment.

A few days ago the world's experts ranked promising for investment in real estate European cities. Kiev got into this rating. The capital of Ukraine in this ranking took 58th place.

Experts say that Kiev got into this rating due to the growth, which is now observed. Also, the effect on the Invest in Kyiv and had a development and supply of business environment. Today in Kyiv operates a lot of profitable projects, which will bring profit to investors. The projects relate to many areas: construction, education, medicine, sport, transport and others.

The annual ranking of promising to invest in real estate European cities was compiled by experts of the company LaSalle Investment Management. In the first place this rating the capital of Russia - Moscow. The top five leaders entered London, Munich, Paris, Istanbul, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

Last year, the leaders of the rating were the other countries. The situation has changed dramatically. In 2015, in the first place was London.

In LaSalle Investment Management rating includes 105 European cities.

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