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Kenes Rakishev's Finney is one of the best in keeping the data secure

Kenes Rakishev and his partners designed a phone to be secure and protected

17.Mar.20 12:18 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Kenes Rakishev's Finney is one of the best in keeping the data secure
The current perspectives of the entire crypto-universe now seems to be doubtful. Crypto was considered immune to the outer world worries. Instead it has been proved the opposite. The combined blow of coronavirus hysteria, the stock market collapse and the oil shock supposedly could bring more investors to the crypto. Instead of what many had awaited crypto swirled into a massive free fall. We would like to remind you that the crypto era of 2017 was not a bluff. It opened a lot of new possibilities never seen before. For sure some of them will outlive the current panic on the markets. One of the remnants is amazingly useful for today. It is Kenes Rakishev's Finney smartphone - the brainchild of Sirin Labs.

Kenes Rakishev and his partners designed a phone to be secure and protected. They gave it the AI self-learning capabilities to withstand cyberattacks and a set of built in hardware and software defences. With data leaks became more and more costly Finney is the best solution to keep them out as for 2020.

When BTC hit an all-time high of $20,000, millions of new investors swarmed the cryptocurrency market to try to jump in on the action. Companies in all fields realized the potential of this market, and thus, phones such as the Sirin Finney came to fruition.

Its starts with Sirin OS, the proprietary Android skin created by Sirin Labs and built from the ground up to secure all possible weak links that could compromise the security of cryptocurrency transactions.

The heart of this is the BlockShield, a multi-layer protection system which provides features such as IP address hiding and MAC address randomization. Similar to other phones on our list, the Sirin Finney uses a hardware root of trust system to ensure no component has been tampered with before booting up the phone. It even includes a feature known as Trusted Display which protects all inputs (such as touches on the screen) using ARM's TrustZone so hackers can't use a keylogger.

Another significant component of the security is the Behavior-based Intrusion Prevent System. Using machine learning, the IPS is able to detect attacks from virtually every aspect of the phone. This system continues to learn your behavior, allowing it to understand the differences between an activity you conducted versus something abnormal and likely from a hacker.

The Sirin Finney comes with a number of apps to ensure all your communications are secure as well. For example, ProtonMail comes preinstalled to provide encrypted emailing, and the Koolspan Trust Call app provides encrypted voice calls.

These apps , along with several others such as Wallet, are sandbox from the rest of the OS to strengthen their security. Known as the SecureShield, this feature isolates these apps from accessing sensors and components which could, when used maliciously, compromise the security of the phone. These sensors include the camera and the microphone.

There are many more ways in which Sirin Labs protects its customers. Sirin Finney is a phone that they hope will become the go-to device for cryptocurrency. The skin, Sirin OS, provides protection on all levels, so you can securely house your alt coins and your data. While it lacks some other security features found on other devices, it is more than worthy of a spot on our list.

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