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Kenes Rakishev comes with Sirin V3 announcement

New Sirin is about to be released

05.Jun.21 4:11 PM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo Sirin Labs


Kenes Rakishev comes with Sirin V3 announcement
Back in 2018 Sirin Labs introduced a first crypto-smartphone ever created. The luxurious and Finney smartphone was made to suit the most demanding taste and requirements. It has pioneered the separate key storage for the cryptocurrency assets and sophisticated AI-based intrusion detection. Kenes Rakishev, the businessman who inspired the Finney smartphone made the phone as much secure as it is possible. The phone was well received and endorsed by celebrities but...

The collapse of the crypto market followed and the general public lost the interest to it. Major companies, though, studied the schematics and software very well. Samsung came with the own internal hardware wallet and perfected the concept. Now, as crypto market is live again and the interest to security is sky-high Kenes Rakishev made an announcement of Sirin Labs comeback. The phone will be reinvented based on an updated hardware and software, as well as Samsung secure storage for the wallet.

Sirin Labs, the maker of the SOLARIN and FINNEY, announces its 2-in1 SIRIN V3 launch on June 2021. The secured dual persona SIRIN V3 offers two highly secured systems in one device. More so, Sirin Labs said in an official statement, it will be built on the Samsung Knox mobile security platform.

It should be noted, SIRIN V3 is a personal space that affords users the same autonomy as any other smartphone. Also, it offers a high-security workspace that keeps user data out of the hands of third parties and cybercriminals.
Based on Samsung’s newest line of business-class devices, V3 provides a military-grade encrypted ‘Work Space’ mode on top of the standard smartphone. Thus, it functions as two phones in one.

When WhatsApp announced its privacy update which shares user data with Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), many people looked for alternatives like Signal and Telegram. Whereas, both of these messaging apps have stronger end-to-end encryption. Although all of these can be hacked, Sirin Labs wanted a solution that lets users enjoy a regular smartphone. Hence, SIRIN V3 provides a closed-off ‘Work Space’ mode that keeps user data and organizational data truly private.

Moreover, Sirin developed V3 as highly compatible security for Samsung smartphones. Kenes Rakishev, Co-Founder of Sirin LABS further said,
“Sirin Labs has always strived to bring highly secured smartphones to truly protect user data, with the announcement of our third-generation secure communication solution, SIRIN V3 we’re packing two phones with unbeatable security into a single unit.”

Finally, consumers can purchase the V3 solution on the foundation of any recent Samsung smartphone for 2,000 USD. Indeed, this dual-persona device raises the bar for encrypted security. As Sirin Labs CEO, Zvika Landau stated, ‘Simply put, the existential threat posed by cybercriminals has finally met its match with the V3.’

Kenes Rakishev strongly believes in the underlying technologies and the inevitable wide adoption of the blockchain technologies by countries. In the same time the security that will enable the adoption is high and needs to be up to the current threats. V3 of Kenes Rakishev's phone is aiming to close the gap.

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