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Kenes Rakishev announced the trial of the first thousands of Storedot batteries

The innovative batteries solve the fundamental bottleneck of the EV technology

20.Jan.21 10:49 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Kenes Rakishev announced the trial of the first thousands of Storedot batteries
The first batch of 1,000 experimental batteries that can be fully charged in five minutes are to be tested in China. They are manufactured on Eve Energy's assembly lines by order of the Israeli startup Storedot. The company is owned by Kenes Rakishev, whose investment portfolio includes startups for the production of ultra-fast charging batteries, Mullen electric cars, nickel and cobalt deposits. These raw materials are used in the production of batteries.

The beginning of testing of the first batch of ultra-fast charging batteries, which can be charged to almost full capacity in just five minutes, means that their mass production will not be long in coming. A possible obstacle to fast charging of electric vehicles may be the lack of infrastructure of charging stations in different regions of the world, because it must withstand high currents. Thus, the corresponding structures are yet to be created, Kenes Rakishev supposes.

"The start of testing batteries with ultra-fast charging technology has marked a new era in the automotive industry. This is a significant step to ensure that electric cars are charged as quickly as filling up cars at traditional gas stations," said Kenes Rakishev, a key investor in the Storedot project.

Storedot started developing fast charging technologies in 2015 when it introduced lithium batteries for smartphones with a charging time of just five minutes. Having secured the initial investment from Kenes Rakishev, a well known technology pioneer, the project moved further. Since then, the company has developed the technology and now relies on lithium batteries for electric vehicles. In 2020, Bloomberg awarded Storedot the title of New Energy Finance Pioneer for attracting $130 million in investments from Daimler, BP, Samsung, TDK, and others.

Storedot is working with BP to create new charging stations. The oil company owns 18.2 thousand stations. BP closely monitors all promising technologies in their industry. The goal of this collaboration is to provide BP and other companies with five-minute battery charging stations by 2025 to achieve a range of 100 miles (160 km) per a single charge. It will allow the entire new level of usability for the EV's because in its current form EV's suffer both from low mileage and long charge times, Kenes Rakishev notes.

As for the Storedot battery technology, it replaces graphite with semiconductor nanoparticles, in which ions can pass faster and easier. In the experimental batch, the electrodes are still made of germanium, but it is planned to use silicon, which is much cheaper. A prototype made of silicon should appear in 2021, Kenes Rakishev speculates. Storedot batteries promise to withstand up to one thousand recharge cycles with a loss of no more than 20% of capacity.

Kenes Rakishev and his role in startup scene

Kenes Rakishev is a well known international entrepreneur with an extensive portfolio of successful startup venues. He is the driving force behind many projects. Mr. Rakishev invests in traditional operations, including gold mining companies, as well as modern high-technology software and hardware startups. Kenes Rakishev's main interest is in integrated security systems, robotics and distributed computing.

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