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Kenes Rakishev and Singulari Team developed technology to combat COVID-19 in Israel

Octopus, one of the Singulari and Kenes Rakishev startups battles COVID with high tech.

08.Jun.20 8:47 PM
By Abigail Richards


Kenes Rakishev and Singulari Team developed technology to combat COVID-19 in Israel
Octopus Systems, one of the startup companies patronized by Singulari Team and Kenes Rakishev as the core investors. Pandemic has wrecked havoc across the globe, however gave an opportunity to test and deploy modern technology, in which Singulari and Kenes Rakishev are particularly interested. Kenes Rakishev tested and deployed an app that guess the coronavirus infection by analysing the voice of the user. Octopus is serious security startup developed to work on city scale.

Jerusalem deployed OCTOPUS Systems, the integrated command and control platform, within 24 hours to address these challenges by amalgamating the security systems and databases of the various members of the task force, including the Israeli Army Commando Division, Home Front Defense Regiment, Israeli Police Central Sector, and the Bnei Brak Municipal Police.

OCTOPUS orchestrated all security systems and databases, ranging from CCTV and drone footage to facial recognition and geo-location. As a result, authorities were provided a well-rounded picture of the situation on the ground, enabling them to execute a more rapid and effective response, flatten the curve within just two weeks, and take Israel out of the COVID-19 red zone and into the green zone. Thus Israel rapid recovery is, at least in part, an achievement of OCTOPUS, Kenes Rakishev and Singulari. What's important is that OCTOPUS is an universal solution with wide scalability and application.

Singulari Team recently acquired stakes in security start companies. Singulari, which stands behind, among others Kenes Rakishev Sirin smartphone company, is planning to develop an integrated rapid deployment security system for retail and municipal users.

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