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Justin Bieber explained his scandalous behavior in concert

This blame the journalists.

02.Nov.16 4:57 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Screenshot Yandex. Pictures


Justin Bieber explained his scandalous behavior in concert
Justin Bieber explained his scandalous behavior at a concert. At his last concert in Manchester, the young singer has made an extraordinary act. He twice appealed to fans asking to behave more quietly. Then Bieber dropped the microphone and walked off stage. Fans were surprised by the behavior of the singer. The scandalous concert was given in the tour Purpose World Tour.

The singer has a large number of fans, they regularly download Justin Bieber photos and posters at, many regard him as their idol. Last Trick singer angered them. They believe that such behavior is undignified for him. Fans believe that the singer could lose his fans. He does not respect them.

Justin Bieber after a concert said that it behaves according to their feelings. His behavior was normal at the concert. He just could not stand the noisy behavior of the fans. They did not hear the request.

Now social networks are actively discussing the behavior of Bieber. Most of the negative comments, the fans do not want him "to forgive." How will the opposition fans and Justin Bieber is still unknown. It's only begining. Bieber does not want to apologize.

Justin Bieber - Canadian pop-R & B-singer, songwriter, musician and actor.

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