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Joint actions of hi tech and oil and gas industries

Gazprom is going to maintain its position as a technological leader in the industry.

09.Jun.16 3:16 AM
By Vladimir Vasiliev


Joint actions of hi tech and oil and gas industries
The idea to increase the demand of Hi Tech solutions in the oil and gas industry is old enough. The Gazpromís Innovative Development program until 2020 has been approved in September 2011. On Tuesday, June 07,2016 the heads of Gazprom and ROSNANO Alexey Miller and Anatoly Chubais have met to discuss using of innovative products which has been invented for the industry.

Specifically, pipes with special insulation which Metaclay is producing, anti-heave heat-shrink tubing for piles manufactured by Mayak, LED lighting systems made by Optogan has been discussed.

This solutions are supposed to be used while constructing pipeline to China named Power of Siberia.

That is just a part of the questions which has been discussed during the meeting. Cooperation with independent research centers, universities, engineering firms producing Hi Tech products and innovative solutions to increase the technical level one of the largest Russian companies is to be continued.

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