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John McAfee will no longer promote the ICO

This is due to possible SEC threats.

20.Jun.18 1:49 AM
By Jason Brideslow


John McAfee will no longer promote the ICO
John McAfee, a cybersecurity supporter, said on Tuesday that he would complete his work on the original coin offerings (ICO). In his Twitter account, McAfee called the main reason "SEC threats" when he found out that he should stop working on tokens sales or recommend them to his 800,000 users on Twitter.

According to McAfee in April, his team ICO took more than $ 100,000 for one promotional tweet.

McAfee's statement follows the continued criticism of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulating the US securities market, which has continuously increased its surveillance and activity in crypto-space, as last summer it stated that US securities laws could apply to sales of some tokens.

Also, it was made a few days after a high-ranking SEC official said that the Ether - the network's cryptocurrency - is not safe, which mainly became a relief for members of crypto-communities.

Just last week, McAfee announced that he would not agree with the SEC's view that many sales of tokens qualify as offers of securities. Indeed, earlier this month he challenged SEC chairman Jay Clayton for a public debate.

The plans to end the promotion of ICO do not mean that McAfee's final exit from the market. He said he is developing an "equivalent alternative to ICO," which, he said, "the SEC cannot touch."

"Please bear it," he concluded.

Shortly before that, John McAfee expressed his desire to run for president.

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