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John McAfee monetized his credibility

The campaign is aimed at crypto-currency investors.

03.Apr.18 3:56 AM
By Jeff Bannister


John McAfee monetized his credibility
In the era of social networks, you can practically monetize everything, especially authority. This is proved by the founder of the software company McAfee John McAfee. It's no secret that many celebrities make money by placing ads on social networks. This trend continued and the developer of anti-virus software, but on a broader scale. John McAfee called the cost of one tweet in his account. His reputation is estimated at 105 thousand dollars. That's how much it costs to have one of his tweets.

However, according to members of McAfee Crypto Team, this is the minimum cost for its advertising, because the audience of subscribers John Makafi is 810 thousand, and therefore - the attraction of one investor costs only 13 cents. The campaign is aimed at the segment of crypto-currency investors, which is not surprising.

Earlier, McAfee Crypto Team created a platform designed to promote cryptocurrencies. As part of this campaign, a survey was conducted with the subscribers of the Makafi account. The result of the poll showed that 737 subscribers of the account trade cryptocurrencies no more than once a month, and 154 thousand subscribers trade daily, 380,000 subscribers invested 50% of their investments in cryptocurrencies, and 259 thousand subscribers - 25% of expenditures, and 224 thousand - 20 thousand dollars.

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