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Johannes Boe won the mass start, with the Russians without medals

In Holmenkollen ended the world championship on biathlon. The Russian team failed to win any medals.

14.Mar.16 11:14 AM
By Irina Kliachina
Photo screenshot Yandex pictures


Johannes Boe won the mass start, with the Russians without medals
In the final race with a General start of the world biathlon championship, which ended in the Norwegian Holmenkollen, won against Johannes Boe. At the finish line, the Norwegian proved to be stronger than the leader of the world biathlon Martin Fourcade, the second and his compatriot OLE Einar Bjoerndalen, who won the bronze.

Russian biathlete Anton Shipulin until the final standing had all chances for a medal. However, an unfortunate blunder at the final stand, has deprived of Russians hope for a prize. In the end, Shipulin ninth crossed the finish line. Anton Babikov, with two penalties - sixteenth +1.06,3, Garanichev 23rd + 1,37,4, with four outstanding targets.

Thus, Russian national team on biathlon has finished a world championship without winning any medal, what happened the second time in team history. Bezmedalny world Cup was in 1978 in the USSR.

In the medal standings France won the world Cup in Norway, six gold medals. The second was Norway - four gold medals, Germany with one gold award the third. Russia on the sum of won points is ninth.

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