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Jehovah's Witnesses Website and Books are extremist

Such decision was made by the Supreme Court of Russian federation.

05.Dec.14 2:09 PM
By Anna Repina


Jehovah's Witnesses Website and Books are extremist
Supreme Court of Russian Federation has found Jehovah’s Witnesses website extremist. This site is devoted to a popular religious organization which is now forbidden in Russia. At the same time spreading of literature and books which are somehow connected with Jehovah's Witnesses organization are also prohibited. The main reason for such ban is the fact that these books enable incitement to hatred and hostility. The information has been officially provided by Supreme Court media office.

The ban includes such books as “What Does the Bible Really Teach?”, “Draw Close to Jehovah God” and “Come and Follow Me”. These works are spread not only as paper books but also in the internet with the help of the official website of organization.

It should be noted that this is not the first time when Jehovah's Witnesses have serious troubles with law. Some of their brochures have already been announced extremist by Kurgan Court in January 2014.

Moreover Moscow court has prohibited any actions of Jehovah's Witnesses organization in 2004. All its members have been dissolved. The main problem about this community is the fact that they recruit children. If they did not want to follow the rules of organization, there were made to stop all relations with their relative s, family and friends.

Moreover they recommended some member of community to refuse from any kind of medical care even in case such care was really vital. However European Human Right Court has found such decision against the law in 2010 and obliged Russia to pat 70 thousand euros to victims of that case.

Overall more than 68 different publications of Jehovah's Witnesses have been found extremist by courts of different Russian region during 2009-2013.

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