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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water launches Blockchain startup accelerator

One of the largest e-commerce platforms in China,, is launching an accelerator program to facilitate the development of startups focused on blockchain

27.Feb.18 5:11 AM
By Daria Zaytseva

   299 launches Blockchain startup accelerator
According to the statement, the program, which starting in March and received the name "AI Catapult", aims to incubate young blockchain firms, helping them to scale their applications by integrating with various enterprises in China, including e-commerce and logistics. said that it has already registered at least four blockchain startups - from China, Australia, Singapore and U.K. so far - in order to start the initiative. says that firms cover a wide range of services from the database to the payment and identification platforms.
The initiative comes as a last effort from an e-commerce firm to adopt a blockchain in its various operations.

As previously reported, in December 2017 partnered with retail giant Walmart to pilot the use of blockchain technology to track food safety in the supply chain.

More recently, JD Logistic,'s supply chain division, has joined the transport blockchain alliance to work on using distributed ledgers in the logistics.

Meanwhile, JD Cloud, a division of cloud computing services, has quietly launched an online platform that offers customized solutions for blockchain, similar to competing blockchain-as-a-Service products presented by internet giants Tencent and Baidu.

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