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Japanese will be able to earn bitcoins on renewable energy

The authorities support the use of crypto currency.

05.Sep.17 12:43 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Japanese will be able to earn bitcoins on renewable energy

In Japan, Fukushima can be implemented a project that combines renewable energy and crypto-currencies. With such an initiative, the energy company Eneres acted, with the support of the authorities.

The idea is to form a shared economy in the energy industry: households using renewable energy sources, such as windmills or solar panels, could share surpluses with others by getting paid for it. As, it is about building "smart micro networks" in the block room.

If the experiment proves to be successful, the owners of houses with renewable energy sources and those who receive it from them will benefit. It is already known that the participants of the experiment will be about a thousand households in Japan. The testing will take place with the participation of the software development company Aizu Laboratory. The results of the experiment will be presented to the public in early 2018.


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