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Japanese investigators took up the investigation of cases of illegal mining

The suspects face criminal liability.

13.Jun.18 6:28 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Japanese investigators took up the investigation of cases of illegal mining
Crimes in the field of crypto-currency are not only related to hacker attacks on stock exchanges and purses: as you know, scammers lure money from investors by holding an ICO. Having collected the necessary amount, they simply disappear, leaving the imaginary startups of citizens who supported them with nothing. All such cases immediately fall into the field of view of investigators. Law enforcers also investigate the facts of illegal mining of digital currencies.

In particular, in Japan, in accordance with the rules of criminal law, an investigation is under way in the case of the proliferation of the browser miner CoinHive. According to the information available to the police, the suspects created special websites last autumn to install a virus program on their computers. Of course, the owners of the devices did not agree to use their PC for mining. By the way, thus the alleged criminals mined Monero.
At the moment, the figurants of the criminal case are three people. One of them will definitely have to pay a fine. The monetary penalty is set at just over 900 dollars.

Analysts say that the situation with hidden mining in the world continues to worsen. For example, experts from Malwarebytes estimated that only in the first quarter of this year the number of such cases increased by 4 thousand percent.

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